Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storm Fool's chronicle

In putting together the piece-meal, crazy quilt career of a storyteller, many misadventures can occur. This afternoon I loaded many books into a knapsack, picked up one of my talking sticks, slung my normal shoulder bag over my ... and set off to a school where I was going to do a session for parents. I took the streetcar to the subway, and the subway to the school. I was early. Some puzzled caretakers told me that yes, the school was open that night, but no, they hadn't heard about a special meeting. I went for a coffee at Tim Horton's on Yonge St. north of Lawrence. I scribbled a few notes about the session in my journal. Then hurried back for my session. When I finally found the vice-principal on the second floor of the school, she looked at me and said, "Hi Dan. We're expecting you on Feb. 21!" I hadn't crossed out the first booking when we re-booked, as I discovered when I got home. So back on the subway, streetcar; back through the very snowy streets. Is this a sign? And, if so, what does it signify? Funny enough, none of it made me cross or even impatient. Sometimes "storm fools" arrive before their audiences!

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